World War I

War between the United States of America and Germany (April 1917-November 1918) following the latters declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare on any merchant vessels found in British coastal waters. Tension between the two counties had also been exasperated by a leaked telegram to the Government of Mexico promising support against US reprisal incursions into Mexican territory in pursuit of the revolutionary bandit Pancho Villa. The telegram also contained a suggestion that Germany might aid Mexico in recovering the States of Texas, Arizona and Colorado from the USA.

Initially the US was unable to provide much in the way of a military force apart from stationing some Destroyers in Ireland, and even by the end of 1917 only four Army Divisions (admittedly larger than corresponding German Army Divisions) had arrived in France where the main effort was to take place. Even this small force was woefully ill-equipped with much of the combat aircraft and artillery guns having to be supplied by the French. Under their Field Commander, General Pershing, the American formations soon found themselves split up providing reserves along the front, but by the late summer of 1918 increasing numbers of American Divisions allowed for the expeditionary force to be deployed as a single entity.

In total the USA raised some four million men for service in the war of which about 126,000 were killed in action.

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