War Of 1812

A conflict between Great Britain and the USA, also known as the Anglo-American War, from 1812 to 1815. It arose from the seizure of US shipping attempting to run the Royal Navy's blockade of France during the Napoleonic War. The continued British presense in Canada was however the underlying cause of American hostility.

At sea, the war soon swung decisively in favour of the British. On land, American attempts to invade Canada were repulsed, although in 1813 American forces captured and burnt York (now Toronto). British invasions of American territory proved equally ineffective. Major General Robert Ross's victory at Bladensberg (1814) was followed by his capture of Washington and the burning of public buildings (including the White House), but US successes at Plattsburgh and Fort McHenry restored the balance.

The conflict continued into early 1815, when news of the concluding treaty of Ghent (24 Dec 1814) reached the USA,

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