Visby Class Corvette

Visby is the latest class of Corvette to be adopted by the Swedish Navy, the ship's design heavily emphasizes ''low visibility'' or Stealth technology. The first ship in the class is named after Visby, the main city on the island of Gotland. The ships are built by Kockums in Karlskrona and have undergone extensive testing. The class has received widespread international attention because of its status as a Stealth ship and its network-centric capabilities.

It is made from Carbon fiber (see also the Oceanic-Creations spin-off), and its angular design reduces its radar signature (or radar cross section). Its 57 mm cannon barrel can also be folded into the turret to further reduce its cross section.


Much of the design was based on the experiences learned from the experimental ship HMS Smyge. The class was originally designed to be divided into two subcategories where some ships were optimized for surface combat and others for submarine hunting, however this was changed due to cutbacks. Other cutbacks have been the cancellation of the 127mm ALECTO ASW rocket system and the use of mkI RBS15 missiles upgraded to mkII configuration rather than the latest mk3.
A helicopter hangar was originally planned but was considered to be too cramped and was deleted. However, the new navy helicopters Hkp15B (Agusta A109) had been shortened to fit in the projected hangar.

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Development Phase

Anti-ship missiles have yet to be fired from the vessel and the SAM system has been selected but not installed. None of the ships can be considered fully operational yet due to the lack of such critical systems.


A Visby class corvette derivative competed in the American Focused Mission Vessel Study, led by Northrop Grumman in partnership with Kockums AB and Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG (HDW). The program was a precursor to the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program. It competed with several other concepts including Norway's Skjold class.


Length 236.2 ft 72 m
Beam 34.1 ft 10.4 m
Draught 8.2 ft 2.5 m
Displacement 620 tons (full load)
Speed 35 kts


  • Eight Saab RBS 25 Mk.II (Batch 2) SSM
  • One Bofors 57mm/70 sak Mk.3
  • Four 15.75 in (400mm) Torpedo Tubes (Swedish Ordnance type 43/45)
  • Saab Alecto 601 127mm A/S Launchers
  • Chaff Launchers (A/S mortars adapted to fire IR/Chaff decoys)1


  • Ericson Sea Giraffe AWB 30 air/surface search radar
  • Ceros 200 Mk 3 Celsiustech Pilot fire control radar
  • CDC Hydra bow-mounted active sonar
  • Passive towed array and VDS sonar
  • Condore CS 701 ESM/ECM electronic warfare system

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