USS Indiana (BB-1)

Laid down at Cramp Shipyard, Philadelphia on the 7th of May 1891 the 10,288 ton (11,528 ton full load) Indiana came close to matching many foreign battleships in fighting capability (although she was never designed to be more than a Coastal Defense battleship).

Indiana was powered by four coal fired double ended Scotch boilers providing steam to vertical triple expansion engines which produced some 9,738 hp through two shafts. Heavily armored with Harvey and Nickel steel plate (17 inches at the Belt) the Indiana was armed with four 13 inch, eight 8 inch and four 6 inch and six 1-Pdr. Guns. plus six 18in torpedo tubes. In service she had a crew of 473 officers and ratings (later increased to 636).

The Indiana served in the Spanish American war seeing action at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba (July 3, 1898), but by the start of World War I was already considered obsolete and was therefore employed only as a Gunnery School ship from 1917-19. Reclassified as Coast Battleship No.1 she ended her days being, like her sister Massachusetts, expended as a target ship in 1920-21.

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