USS Enterprise

For other references see HMS Enterprise.
USS Enterprise may refer to the following specific vessels:

United States

With respect to watercraft, USS (United States Ship) is officially only used for commissioned ships of the United States Navy, although it is sometimes mistakenly used by civilians for other vessels of American origin.

Continental Navy

Two ships of the Continental Navy were named Enterprise:

  • USS Enterprise (1775) armed sloop (May 18 1775 – July 7 1777), the first American ship to bear the name, she served on Lake Champlain
  • Enterprise (1776) schooner (December 20 1776 – February 1777), the second American ship to bear this name, she served on Chesapeake Bay

United States Navy

Six ships of the United States Navy have been named Enterprise:

  • USS Enterprise (1799) 12-gun schooner / 14-gun brig (December 17 1799 – July 9 1823), the third ship to bear this name, was built as schooner, and later rerigged as a brig. She fired the first shots in the First Barbary War against the Tripolitanian ship ''Tripoli''
  • USS Enterprise (1831) 10-gun schooner (December 15 1831 – June 24 1844), the fourth ship to bear this name
  • USS Enterprise (1874) barque-rigged screw sloop (March 16 1877 – October 1 1909), the fifth ship to bear this name
  • Enterprise (SP-790) motor yacht (1917–1919), the sixth ship to bear this name, was non-commissioned, serving in the Second Naval District during World War I
  • USS Enterprise (CV-6) Yorktown-class aircraft carrier (May 12 1938 – February 17 1947), the seventh ship to bear this name, was the most-decorated U.S. Navy vessel of World War II
  • USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Enterprise-type aircraft carrier (November 25 1961 – Present), the eighth ship to bear this name, is a unique design, and the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world.

United States Navy recruit barracks

  • USS Enterprise (BLDG 7115), commissioned building (May 27, 2005 – Present), this recruit barracks is a building the Navy treats like a ship for training purposes.

Other United States vessels

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