Shiloh Confederate Order Of Battle

General Albert Sidney Johnston

I Corps
Major General Leonidas Polk

First Division (Brigadier-General Charles Clark)
Brigades of Russell and Stewart

Second Division (Major-General B.F. Cheatham)
Brigades of Johnson and Stephens

II Corps
Major-General Braxton Bragg

First Division (Brigadier-General Daniel Ruggles)
Brigades of Gibson, P.Anderson and Pond

Second Division (Brigadier-General Jones M. Withers)
Brigades of Gladden, Chalmers and J.K.Jackson

III Corps
Major-General William J. Hardee

Brigades of Hindman, Cleburne and S.Wood

Reserve Corps
Brigadier-General John C. Breckinridge

Brigades of Trabue, Bowen and Stratham

The number of infantry and artillery effectives were as follows: I Corps, 9,136; II Corps, 13,589; III Corps, 6,789; and Reserve Corps, 6,439, making a total of 35,953. The cavalry, which was either parcelled out amongst the Divisions, numbered 4,382. There were 18 batteries (108 guns) attached to brigades. The grand total effective strength of the Confederate army was therefore 40,335 men and 108 guns.

Losses: 1,728 killed; 8,012 wounded and 959 captured or missing. Total: 10,699

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