PTARMIGAN is a second-generation mobile secure battlefield system that incorporates the latest technology and has been designed to improve communications reliability, capacity and interoperability.

Built by Siemens-Plessey, Christchurch, in the mid 1980s PTARMIGAN is a user friendly, computer controlled communications system which was largely designed to meet the needs of the British Army in Germany. The system consists of a network of electronic exchanges or Trunk Switches that are connected by satellite and multi-channel radio relay (TRIFFID) links that provide voice, data, telegraph and fax communications.

The Trunk switch, radio and satellite relays together with their support vehicles comprise a ‘Trunk Node’ and all field headquarters include a group of such communications vehicles which contain an Access Switch which can be connected to any Trunk Switch to give access into the system. This permits the Field Headquarters to enjoy exceptional flexibility in communications without presenting constraints on operations.

In addition, PTARMIGAN has a mobile telephone or Single Channel Radio Access (SCRA) which gives isolated or mobile users an optional entry point into the entire system.


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