A Platoon is the lowest level of army organization to be commanded by a commissioned officer (normally a Lieutenant or Subaltern) who acts as the Platoon commander. This officer is assisted in his duties by a Platoon Sergeant. A Platoon is normally composed of two or more sections led by Corporals. Platoons are frequently grouped together to form Companies (Commanded by a Major).

Although the exact composition of a Platoon can vary according to nationality, role or branch of service a typical organization for a modern British Armoured or Mechanised Infantry Platoon will consist of:

Platoon Headquarters
Platoon Commander
Platoon Sergeant
Radio Operator

Three sections each broken down into two Fire Teams
Section Commander (Cpl)
Section 2ic (L/Cpl)
Four riflemen
Two LSW gunners

One Manoeuvre Support Section
Section Commander (Cpl)
Two GPMG gunners
Two riflemen
One 51mm Light Mortar operator.

(The HQ and each Section being carried in a Warrior AIFV or Saxon APC)

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