A name given by the Romans to those tribes living in Scotland north of the River Forth and speaking a partly Celtic and partly Non-Celtic language. They were first mentioned in Constantius Chlorus’ campaigns in 296 and 306 ad., and their subsequent incursions south of Hadrian’s Wall aided the Scots in resisting Roman control over northern Britain. By the late 6th century they had become a single Kingdom of the Picts, and for a time they dominated the Scots of Dalriada.

On the 20th May 685 at the Battle of Nechtansmere, King Bruide and the Picts annihilated King Ecgfrith’s Northumbrian army, thwarting his attempt to subjugate them.

Eventually they were weakened, in the mid-9th century, by Norse raids, and finally were overrun by the Scots under Kenneth I MacAlpin.

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