Oceanic Creations

Oceanic-Creations AB is a company based in Sweden, founded in 1986 around the so-called '''Oceanic-Creations Composite Technology''' (OCCT), a special process for producing a carbon fibre based construction material. The company has a production plant in Varna, Bulgaria. Media has reported about a floating, pyramid shaped ''Hotel Maya'' being constructed there for deployment in Cancún, Mexico. The floating hotel is planned to be navigated through the Bosporus in 2009 or 2010.

The OCCT process was originally developed for navy stealth ships (including the Visby class corvette) at Kockums shipyards in Karlskrona, Sweden, and treated as a military secret. After the innovation was declassified in 2002, Oceanic-Creations AB started to explore other markets. The OCCT process is not patented, but kept as a trade secret on a 20-year license from Kockums.

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