MIM-104 Patriot

The MIM-104 Patriot air-defense system grew out of a 1964 US Army requirement for a new missile (SAM-D) that could defend against medium- to high-altitude high- performance aircraft and ballistic missiles. The Patriot missile system was intended to replace both the Nike-Hercules and the Hawk missile systems, with the ability to operate on the high intensity battlefield envisaged for the 1980-90 period. In addition the Patriot was developed to allow for a single command and control system.

The rocket is powered by a Thiokol TX-486 solid propellant motor that is able to move the missile at a speed of Mach 3.to a maximum range of 42.5 miles. The rocket contains a high-explosive warhead that is detonated by a proximity fuse; destroying the target with shrapnel. A nuclear warhead can be fitted if desired.

The missile is carried in a storage / transportation container that also serves as the launcher. Four Patriot missiles in containers are mounted on the M-901 launch station mounted on a M-860 trailer towed by an M-818 six-wheel tractor. This tractor also contains the missile’s command and control equipment. In action the launcher is supported by a second M-818 with M-860 trailer containing the subsidiary ground control radar.

Project development was concluded in 1980, but by that time cost overruns had persuaded Congress to reduce the number of units deployed by the Army. Production by the Raytheon Company began in 1984 with deployment of the first of eight battalions of Patriots to Western Europe commencing in the following year.

Role Medium to High altitude air defense system
Length 17.4 ft
Diameter 16 in.
Weight 2,200 lbs
Range 42.5 miles
Altitude 328 ft-79,000 ft.
Speed Mach 3

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