Military History (TV Channel)

This article is about the television channel. For field of study, see Military history. For the competitor network owned by Discovery Communications, see Military Channel.

Military History is a spin-off channel of History that focuses on military history. The network is owned by A&E Television Networks.

Military History features programming that looks back at some of the great battles of yesteryear as well as programs that profile key individuals such as generals, soldiers and spies. Documentaries and series give the viewer an insight into how battles were fought and the lives of those who fought them. The network is currently available within the United States, and also on Sky Digital in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Much of its programming focuses on World War II; this same programming had earned The History Channel the appellation "The Hitler Channel" up until these programs were transferred to Military History.

Like its mother channel, the channel, which had been branded as the Military History Channel dropped the "Channel" branding on March 20, 2008.


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