Military History

This article is about field of study. For television channel of the same name, see Military History (TV channel).

Military history is a humanities discipline within the scope of general historical recording of armed conflict in the history of humanity, and its impact on the societies, their cultures, economies and changing intra and international relationships. A conflict may range from a melee between two tribal groups to conflicts between national militaries, and a world war of coalitions affecting the majority of the global human population. Military historians record and analyse the events of military history, the product of which forms an important part of how societies and their leaders formulate future plans and policies for societal development. In War Before Civilization, Lawrence H. Keeley, says that approximately 90-95% of known societies engaged in at least occasional warfare, and many fought constantly, so there is a lot of history to draw from.

The essential subjects of military history study are the decision making processes of the belligerents, the society's willingness and ability to economically support war, the methods, strategic, operational and tactical used by the armed forces to achieve goals, and how these changed through the past 5,000 years of recorded history.

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