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The Military Channel is a cable and satellite television network which broadcasts military and military history related programming. It is part of the Discovery Channel group of networks within the United States and Canada. Because it replaced the Discovery Wings channel on January 10, 2005, which focused on aircraft and aerospace, many of the Military Channel's shows are dedicated to aerial warfare and related technologies/issues. It also shows a lot of content brought over from other Discovery stations.

The channel's slogan is "Go behind the lines".

Many of the channel's shows are war documentaries, the contents of which deals in large part with modern warfare, and in particular the U.S. military from World War II on. Whereas The History Channel, The Military History Channel, and The History Channel International show similar programing, they tend to show more programs about other time periods and cultures (ancient, Roman, Medieval, eastern, and other forms of warfare). The Military Channel has a more contemporary subject matter than those competitors.

The original start-up cable TV network, The Military Channel went dark in 1999 and later went bankrupt. Themed to the Heroes, History and Hardware of the International Military Scene, Louisville, KY-based Military Channel experienced difficulty raising capital despite early success. Discovery filed their trademark application for the name "Military Channel" in 2002 after it was abandoned.

In 2005 first live programming was aired from Philadelphia at the site of the Army-Navy college football game. FOX broadcaster Chris Myers hosted from a set outside Lincoln Financial Field. It aired two hours before the game started. The Military Channel is also a sponsor of the USO and frequently runs commercials for that organization.

Actor Dennis Haysbert provides voiceover work for Military Channel promos.


Among the line of programming available on this channel are:

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