M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle

The M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle entered service in 1968 and was based on the chassis of the M60A1 Main Battle Tank with the superstructure altered to accommodate a full range of combat engineering tools. Equipment included a front-mounted, hydraulically operated, bulldozer blade; an A-frame crane hinged to the hull front and usually carried folded down around the turret; and a two speed winch with an 11-tonne capacity, mounted behind the turret. The turret was armed with the M135 165mm low-velocity demolition gun with 30 rounds, which was an American copy of the British L9A1 AVRE gun. A 7.62mm machine gun was also provided for local defence.

Built by the Chrysler Corp. of Detroit, the M728 was powered by a 750 bhp Continental 12-cyl horizontally opposed diesel engine, and was usually manned by a crew of four. With a speed of 30 mph (48km/h) and a range of 310 miles (500 km) the M728 served with the US Army until 2000 seeing action in both the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.

Length 25ft 10 in 7.88m
Width 12 ft 2 in 3.70 m
Height 10 ft 6 in 3.20 m
Weight 115,000 lb 52,163 kg

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