M35 2-1/2 Ton Cargo Truck

Developed after World War II, the M35 6x6 truck, commonly known as the ‘Eager Beaver’, would become one of the US Army’s most widely utilized cargo vehicles of the 20th century. Initially powered by a petrol engine, later models were made more fuel efficient with a 140 hp LDT-465-IC six cylinder multi-fuel diesel engine.

Other improvements included a redesigned suspension, brakes and steering, together with a forward tilting hood. Optional extras available included a winch, special heating for cold weather operations, deep fording kit and central seats for carrying personnel. During the Vietnam War some were even armed to provide protection for military convoys.

The many variants of the M35 included the M48 tractor truck, M50 water tanker, M59 Dumper, M60 wrecker and M185 repair van.

By 1980 AM General had built over 150,000 models of the versatile M35/44 series of 6x6 trucks, of with the US Army alone employed in excess of 65,000 such vehicles.

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