M24 or M-24 may refer to:

  • M24 Chaffee, an American light tank
  • M24 Sniper Weapon System, a sniper rifle
  • M24 mine, an American landmine
  • M-24, a Japanese midget submarine that participated in the Attack on Sydney Harbour in the Second World War
  • Model 24 grenade
  • Grigorovich M.24, Russian two-seat coastal reconnaissance flying boat (1924)
  • Macchi M.24, Italian three-seat reconnaissance flying boat (1925) widely used by Italian Naval Flying-boat units and also sold to the Spanish Navy.
  • Miles M.24 Master Fighter, Adaptation of the Master Trainer build as an emergency measure during the Battle of Britain (1940). Twenty-three built but did not see combat.
  • German Minesweepers M.24, German M Class minesweeper sunk when it hit a mine off Schleswig coast(c.1917). A second vessel was laid down 1936/37 (fate unknown).
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