List Of NATO Reporting Names For Helicopters

Harp-Kamov KA-20
Halo- Mil Mi-26
Hare-Mil Mi-1
Harke- Mil Mi-10
Hat-Kamov KA-8/KA-10
Havoc - Mil Mi-28
Haze-Mil Mi-14
Helix- Kamov KA-27/KA-32
Helix B-Kamov KA-29/KA-31/KA-33
Hen-Kamov KA-15
Hermet - Mil Mi-34
Hind-Mil Mi-24/Mi-25/Mi-35
Hip-Mil MI-8/Mi-9/Mi-17
Hog-Kamov KA-18
Hokum-Kamov KA-50/KA-52
Homer-Mil MI-12
Hoodlum-Kamov KA-26
Hoodlum B-Kamov KA-226
Hook - Mil Mi-6/ Mi-22
Hoop-Kamov Ka-22 Vintokryl
Hoplite-Mil Mi-2
Hormone -Kamov KA-25
Hound-Mil Mi-4

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