List Of NATO Reporting Names For Air To Surface Missiles

Kangaroo: Raduga Kh-20
Karen: Zvezda-Strela Kh-25MR/ML
Kayak: Zvezda Kh-35
Kazoo: Raduga Kh-59m Ovod-M
Kedge: Yvmpei Kh-29
Kegler: Zvezda-Strela Kh-25 MP/ Kh-27
Kelt: Raduga KSR-2
Kent: Raduga Kh-55
Kerry: Zvezda-Strela Kh-23/ Vympei Kh-66 Grom
Kickback: Raduga Kh-15
Kilter: Raduga Kh-58
Kingbolt: Raduga Kh-59 Ovod
Kingfish: MKP Raduga Kh-26/ KSR-5
Kipper: Raduga K-10S
Kitchen: MKP Raduga Kh-22
Krypton: Zvezda Kh-31
Kyle: Zvezda-Strela Kh-28



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