List Of Aircraft Of The Royal Flying Corps

This is a list of aircraft used by the Royal Flying Corps.

  • Airco (de Havilland) DH1
  • Airco (de Havilland) DH2
  • Airco (de Havilland) DH4
  • Airco (de Havilland) DH5
  • Airco (de Havilland) DH6
  • Armstrong Whitworth FK8
  • Avro Type 504
  • Bleriot XI Militaire
  • Bristol Boxkite
  • Bristol F2A
  • Bristol Monoplane Scout
  • Bristol Scout
  • Morane-Saulnier Type BH
  • Morane-Saulnier Type N
  • Nieuport Type 16
  • Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2
  • Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.8
  • Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12
  • Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2
  • Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.7
  • Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8
  • Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5
  • Short Bomber (land based version of Type 184)
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Sopwith Pup
  • Sopwith Triplane
  • Sopwith Two-Seater (1½ Strutter)
  • Spad S.VII
  • Spad S. XIII
  • Vickers F.B.5 Gunbus

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