The Artillerie Raketenwerfer 110SF, or light artillery rocket system (LARS) as it is better known, was developed in the late 1960s and entered West German service in 1969. Subsequently upgraded as the LARS II the weapon consisted of thirty-six 110-mm launcher tubes mounted on the MAN 4 x 4 chassis (320-hp Liquid cooled V-8 diesel).

In action the full complement could be launched in just 17.5 seconds and could be reloaded in approximately 15 minutes with a variety of different rounds, including parachute-retarded anti-tank mines. The launcher vehicle was supported by a resupply vehicle containing a further 144 rockets.

The West German Army would ultimately equip with 209 LARS launchers (sufficient to allocate one battery per Division) and these would remain in service, until replaced by the MLRS in the late 1980s.

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