HMS Condor

Two vessels of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Condor after the condor, the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Condor, was a steam-powered gunboat launched in 1876 and sold in 1889. She took part in the bombardment of Alexandria during the 1882 Urabi Revolt in Egypt, winning popular admiration for her captain, a well-known public figure, Lord Charles Beresford.
  • Condor, was a Condor class sloop launched in 1898 and lost off Cape Flattery on the North-West corner off the Continental United States during a storm in December 1901 whilst travelling from Esquimalt in Canada to Honolulu.
  • A former Royal Naval Air Station, HMS Condor at Arbroath, near Dundee became RM Condor in 1971. It is the base for 45 Commando Royal Marines.
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