Goliath tracked mine

The Goliath tracked mine was an unmanned German-engineered demolition vehicle, also known as the beetle tank to Allies. Employed by the Wehrmacht during World War II, this caterpillar-tracked vehicle was approximately four feet long, two wide, and one tall. It carried 75–100 kg (165–220 lb) of high explosives and was intended to be used for multiple purposes, such as destroying tanks, disrupting dense infantry formations, and demolition of buildings and bridges.

Built in three versions; the first (Goliath E) powered by electic motors (2,500 built) was found to lack the power and range (particularly in cold weather) was subsequently replaced by an improved model (Goliath V) powered by a 702cc twin cylinder motorcycle engine. Finally a larger version was built to carry a 100kg explosive charge. In total around 4,500 of all versions were built seeing much service in both demolition and mine-clearing tasks.

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