F-15 Eagle

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is a fighter pilot's dream. The F-15C Eagle is fast, amazingly agile, and climbs like a rocket. It has the best combat Radar in the world, and can detect and destroy enemies way beyond the vision of it's pilot. At the same time, its maneuverability makes the F-15 a ferocious dogfighter when the fighting gets close and dirty. Even today, over 20 years after its first flight, few aircraft can match the Eagle in combat.


Single seat Air superiority fighter



Weapons Systems

One 20-mm M-61A-1 rotary cannon
Four Raytheon AIM-7F Sparrow AAM
Four Raytheon AIM-9L Sidewinder AAM

Combat History

In spite of Rivals to its position, the F-15 remains the most successful air superiority fighter in service. nearly 100 enemy aircraft have fallen to F-15s, but no Eagle has ever been lost to aerial combat.

The first Eagles to see combat were blooded by Israel on 27 June 1979 when they claimed five Syrian MiG-21s. Four F-15s were delivered to Israel during 1976 under Operation Peace Fox III, and these were later joined by 19 refurbished F15As and a pair of F-15Bs. Ten more ex-Air National Guard F-15As were supplied after Desert Storm in return for Israel’s co-operation during the Gulf War.

On the 5th June 1984, two Saudi Arabian F-15Cs shot down two Iranian F-4 Phantoms over the Persian Gulf. Possibly the only recorded time that one McDonnell fighter has scored an aerial victory over another.

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