Émile Muselier

Émile Henri Muselier was a French Vice-Admiral at the declaration of war against Germany. He was born on 17 Apr 1882 at Marseilles, France and was educated at the Brest naval school. On the collapse of France in 1940, Muselier joined General Charles de Gaulle in July 1940, who made him the Commander-in-Chief of the Free French naval forces (1940-42) and of the Free French air forces (1940-41).

Admiral Muselier led the Free French naval forces in the occupation of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands off Canada against the representatives of the Vichy Government there. He was made National Commissioner of navy and merchant navy in the French National Committee but resigned in March 1942, after a number of disputes with de Gaulle. In the following year Admiral Muselier became Assistant to General Henri Giraud in Algiers.

After the war he was Chief of the French Naval delegation of the military mission for German affairs. Admiral Muselier passed away on 2 Sep 1965

Source: Everymans Encyclopedia Volume 8.

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