1. A full-rigged sloop of war which carried 20 guns on the upper deck.

2. A small warship of modified trawler design, equipped with guns and anti-submarine devices. Corvettes did work on convoy-escort duties throughout World War II

List of WWII Corvette classes

Gabbiano Class (Italy)
Flower Class (UK)
Castle Class (UK)
Kingfisher Class (UK)
Lobella Class (France)

Modern Corvettes

Whilst neither the US Navy or the Royal Navy currently employ Corvettes they are still extremely utilised by many other countries around the world. A typical modern Corvette will displace between 300 and 2000 tonnes full load, but can still prove to be an effective Naval weapon when equipped with the latest . anti-shipping-missiles.

Djebel Chenoua (Algeria)
Nanuchka (Russia)
Barroso (Brazil)
Kralj (Croatia)
Assad (Italy)

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