Operation Overlord People

Anderson, Lt.Col. Bill, 195th Airlanding Field Ambulance, RAMC
Anderson Lt.Col. John The Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers).
Anderson Lt.Col. W. A. C. 24th Lancers
Billie-Top Major A. C. 63rd Composite Company, RASC
Blackadder Brigadier Kenneth G. GOC 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade
Bonniwell Major E. B. 6th (Airborne) Divisional Workshops, REME
Bradbrooke Lt.Col. George 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Broadhurst, Air Vice Marshal Harry, AOC No. 83 (Composite) Group RAF
Brown Air Vice Marshal L., AOC No. 84 Group RAF
Buell Lt.Col. D.B. 1st Battalion, The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
Byron Lt-Col. R.G.G. 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards
Cabeldu Lt-Col. F.N. 1st Battalion, The Canadian Scottish Regiment
Carroll Wing Cdr Basil 124 Wing RAF
Carson Lt.Col. Jack 1st Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles
Chadburn Wing Cdr Lloyd 127 (Canadian) Wing RAF
Christiansen Lt.Col. F.M. The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
Coningham Air Vice Marshal Arthur AOC SECOND TACTICAL AIR FORCE
Cox Brigadier F. Y. C GOC 69th Infantry Brigade
Cracroft Brigadier Bernard GOC 8th Armoured Brigade
Crammer Major Nick 3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA
Cunningham Brigadier D.G. GOC 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade
Davidson Wing Cdr Bob 121 Wing RAF
Davidson Major Gordon F 591st Parachute Squadron, RE
Davoud Group Captain Paul, No. 22 Sector RAF
Dixon Major Peter 4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA
Donaldson-Loudon) Capt 317th Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps
Foster Brigadier Harry W. GOC 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade
Gale Major-General Richard GOC 6th Airborne Division
Gamble Lt-Col. G.O. 3rd (Canadian) Infantry Divisional Signals
Graham Major General D.A.H. GOC 50th (Northumbrian) Division
Griffiths Lt.Col. F.M. The Highland Light Infantry of Canada
Hardy Lt Col. C.R. No.46 (Royal Marine) Commando
Harvey Lt.Col. Bruce 225th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC
Hastings Lt.Col Robin 6th Bn, The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment)
Hill Brigadier James GOC 3rd Parachute Brigade
Hine Captain JCG 6th Airborne Divisional Postal Unit, RE
Irwin Captain 6th (Airborne) Divisional Provost Company, RMP
Johnson Lt.Col Johnny 12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion
Johnson Wing Cdr Johnny 144 (Canadian) Wing RAF
Jones Major E. C. 716th Composite Company, RASC
Judd Wing Cdr M T 143 (RCAF) Wing RAF
Keefer Wing Cdr George 126 (Canadian) Wing RAF
Keller Major General R.F.L. GOC 3rd (Canadian) Infantry Division
Kelsey Capt. Marcel Harcourt Attwood HMS Warspite DSC, RN
Kindersley Brigadier The Hon. Hugh GOC 6th Airlanding Brigade
Leicester Brigadier B.W. GOC 4th Special Service Brigade
Lennox-Boyd Major Francis 22nd Independent Parachute Company
Lewis Lt.Col. T.C. 7th Reconnaissance Regt (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)
Luard Lt.Colonel Peter 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion
MacBrien, Group Captain Bill No. 17 (Canadian) Sector RCAF
MacMillan Captain F G 317th Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps
Matheson Lt.Col. M. The Regina Rifle Regiment
Mathieu Lt.Col. J.B. Le Régiment de la Chaudière
Meldram Lt.Col. M. 1st Battalion, The Royal Winnipeg Rifles
Moulton Lt Col. J.C No.48 (Royal Marine) Commando
Murray Lt.Col. Iain No. 1 Wing The Glider Pilot Regiment
Nelson-Smith Lt.Col. David 1st Bn, The Hampshire Regiment
Nevill Lt.Col. C.A.R. 2nd Bn, The Devonshire Regiment
Norie Lt.Col. E. 1st Bn, The Dorsetshire Regiment
Otway Lt.Col. Terence 9th (Eastern and Home Counties) Parachute Battalion
Palmer Lt Col. E. No.41 (Royal Marine) Commando
Parham Captain Frederick. HMS Belfast
Pearson Lt.Col. Alastair 8th (Midland Counties) Parachute Battalion
Petch Lt-Col. C. 1st Battalion, The North Nova Scotia Highlanders
Phillips Lt Col. C.F. No.47 (Royal Marine) Commando
Phipps Major M. E. 398th Composite Company, RASC
Pine-Coffin Lt.Col. Richard Geoffrey 7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion
Place Lt.Col. John No. 2 Wing The Glider Pilot Regiment
Poett Brigadier Nigel GOC 5th Parachute Brigade
Reyno Wing Cdr Ed 136 Wing RAF
Rhea Capt. P.M USS Nevada
Rice Major Harry 2 Forward (Airborne) Observation Unit, RA
Richardson Lt.Col. P. H. 7th Bn, The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment)
Roberts Lt.Col Michael 2nd Battalion, The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Roseveare Major Tim 3rd Parachute Squadron, RE
Rowatt Major W. A. H 2nd Airlanding Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, RA
Rutherford Major Sandy 249th (Airborne) Field Company, RE
Scott Wing Cdr Desmond 123 Wing RAF
Senior Brigadier R. H GOC 151st Infantry Brigade
Smallman-Tew Lt.Col D. 6th Airborne Division Signals
Spragge Lt.Col. J.G. The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
Stanier-Bart Brigadier A.G.B GOC 231st Infantry Brigade
Stevens Lt.Col Dick 12th Battalion, The Devonshire Regiment
Stewart Lt.Col. Godfrey 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment
Taylor Major W. L. 6th (Airborne) Divisional Ordnance Field Park, RASC
Teacher Lt.Col. Tony 53rd (Worcestershire Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, RA
Thompson Lt.Col. D. H. 224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC
Waddell Wing Cdr Bunt 39 Recce Wing RAF
Webb Lt.Col. 12th Field Artillery Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery
White Lt.Col. 5th Bn, The East Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of York's Own)
Wood Major Andy 591st Parachute Squadron, RE POW 6/6/44
Woods Lt.CoL. H. 9th Bn, The Durham Light Infantry

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