British Armed Forces Enlisted Ranks
Royal Navy (Incl. Fleet Air Arm) Army & Royal Marines (but excluding Ghurka Rifles) Royal Air Force
Warrant Officer class I Warrant Officer class I Warrant officer/ Master Aircrew
Warrant Officer class II Warrant Officer class II
Chief Petty Officer Staff Sergeant/Colour Sergeant Flight Sergeant
Chief Technician
Petty Officer Sergeant Sergeant
Leading Rate Corporal Corporal
Lance corporal
Senior Aircraftman
Leading Aircraftman
Able Seaman Private Aircraftman

Sergeant-Corporal of horse
Corporal- Bombardier, Lance sergeant
Lance-Corporal-Lance bombardier
Private-Craftsman, Driver, Fusilier, Guardsman, Gunner, Marine, Pioneer, Ranger, Rifleman, Sapper, Signalman, Trooper

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