Astros II MLRS

The Astros II is a conventional truck-based multiple rocket launcher built by Tectran in Brazil. The 10-tonnes (9.9-tons) 6x6 cross-country vehicle is equipped with armoured shutters to protect the three-man cabin and the vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder 212hp water cooled diesel engine. In service with the Brazilian Army and exported in large numbers to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War, the Astros system uses a common launcher, command and fire-control vehicle to deliver three different types of rocket, the SS-30, SS-40 and SS-60. The rockets, which are carried in four, sixteen or thirty two tubes (depending on type) range in weight from 68kg to 595kg (149.6lb to 1309lb), all of which are unguided. An ammunition supply truck is always attached to the Astros system. Though less sophisticated than the MLRS, for example, the Astros does provide an excellent rocket launcher system for Third World and developing states.

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