Armorflate Rubber Armor System

Armorflate Rubber Armor System is an inflatable ballistic armor which is manufactured by Simula Safety Systems, Inc., a division of Simula, Inc. (an Armor Holdings company).


The Armorflate system inflates, using a standard SCUBA tank, in about 40 seconds to protect troops and inflatable tubes from gunfire. The inflatable Armorflate system made its debut on the legendary Zodiac F470 inflatable armor system for use mainly on CRRC. inflatable boat, which has been used for decades by military and special forces operations worldwide and combat tested many times. The Armorflate system is available with either soft or hard armor protection, made from a bulletproof material provided by Simula, Inc. Hard panels can be inserted in pockets on the inflated soft armor panels to provide upgraded protection. When inflated, it forms a semi-rigid, "stealthy," bullet-resistant bulkhead around the boat's exterior (sides and rear). Armor panels provide protection to occupants from the waterline to approximately 18 in. (460 mm) above the rubber buoyancy tube of the boat.

The hard armor panels are modular in nature so that damaged panels can be replaced without having to replace the entire system.

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