25P is a Military Occupational Specialty code in the United States Army Signal Corps for the job "Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer". (Prior to Oct 2004, the MOS was called 31P.)

"Major duties. The microwave systems operator-maintainer supervises, installs, operates, and maintains microwave communications systems, and associated antennas, multiplexing, and communication security equipment. Performs engineering quality control and continuity testing of circuits, trunks, links, systems, and facilities." 25P Soldiers work all over the world to maintain the Army's Global Information Grid (a Wide Area Network), as well as operate and repair broadband (microwave) radios and equipment.

Training for the 25P MOS takes place at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Soldiers are trained on Multiplexers, routers, IP switches, tactical or strategic microwave radios, troubleshooting circuits, administrative duties, ATM switches, Prominas, various types of modems, COMSEC, and more. The course has added equipment and training in recent years to be closer to what a 25P Soldier needs to know in a technical control environment.

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