09L (pronounced "Zero Nine Lima") is a Military Occupational Specialty in the United States Army involving translators/interpreters.


09L began in February 2003 as a pilot program for recruiting Arabic, Dari Persian, and Pushto speakers. It became an official Military Occupational Specialty in February 2006.

Current demand

The languages/dialects needed are:

  • Arabic-Modern Standard
  • Arabic-Gulf-Iraqi
  • Arabic-Egyptian
  • Arabic-Jordanian
  • Arabic-Syrian
  • Arabic-Lebanese
  • Arabic-Yemeni
  • Arabic-Sudanese
  • Arabic-Maghrebi
  • Arabic-Algerian
  • Arabic-Libyan
  • Arabic-Moroccan
  • Arabic-Tunisian
  • Pushtu/Pashto/Pachto
  • Pushtu-Afghan
  • Kurdish
  • Kurmanji Kurdish
  • Sorani Kurdish
  • Dari Persian
  • Iranian Persian


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